Waltkoch, LTD.

We began in 1950. A family business known as WaltKoch - pronounced "Walt Cook” was started by W Walter Koch. Mr. Koch was a meat salesman for Swift & Co after World War II and he saw an opportunity to trade poultry into Europe during the post war reconstruction. In the late 1950's Mr. Koch's sons, Thomas B Koch and Louis H "Pete" Koch, took over the business and expanded into the Caribbean Basin. Today WaltKoch continues to remain a family business under the guidance of Walter B Koch, S Keith Steinberg and Sam W Stanford. We remain the "WaltKoch family" to many.

We set out to be the world's most reliable producer, consolidator, and exporter of frozen foods. WaltKoch has held true to its original high principles and is regarded as the industry leader in consistency of quality and service. We are not the largest, but strive to be the best.